About Us

Mr. Louis Noce, the inventor of the Nasilator, brings with him more than 40+ years of professional experience and knowledge gained in the Research and Development Department of USCI Corporation, a Fortune 500 company, specializing in producing catheters for angiograms, as well as other medical products such as multi-port manifolds.

He has also held the position of Vice President / General Manager of NAMIC (North American Medical Instrument Corporation) where he spearheaded the introduction of new medical manifolds into the medical industry. In 1987, LON Research Inc. (founded by Mr. Noce) was awarded a patent on the first multi-port transducer manifold.

From these experiences, he eventually created Nasilator after finding there was no solution to sleep disorders caused by a lack of nasal breathing. 

Now, thousands of people around the world are seeing the immediate benefits of Nasilator including Navy Seals, Extreme Athletes, Doctors, Scientists, and more.

It's time for you to join the Nasilator family so we can help you sleep, feel, and live better!

Nasal-Air Corp. is a US company with its head office located in Lake Mary, Florida. Manufacturing and fulfillment facility is located in Sanford, Florida. All products are made in USA. The company specializes in developing and manufacturing over-the-counter medical products aimed at improving the quality of life of consumers.

NASILATOR internal nasal dilator is produced in the USA under strict FDA GMP guidelines.